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White Diesel and its uses

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White Diesel and its uses

White diesel is a trade name given to a fuel used primarily for engines in commercial vehicles. The reason it is called 'white' diesel is due to its colouring, which is down to the way water is mixed with it. The water is actually very fine particles of stabilised emulsion, which mixes within the diesel, producing a white looking liquid.

The water is stabilised thanks to tensio-active substances, which enable the emulsion to remain consistent and unchanged for several months.This process makes white diesel significantly more expensive to purchase over the likes of red diesel, which is produced to a different spec and includes a red dye. Mixed with 2.5% bio diesel in the UK, which may rise to 5% in time, white diesel is well known and regarded for its low sulphur content.

Also known as derv, White diesel is used almost exclusively in the transport and logistics industries. Busses, coaches, trucks and lorries all use white diesel but so do some boats.

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