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What Is Red Diesel? Latest Information on Red Diesel

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What is Red Diesel?

Many people throughout the UK fail to understand the difference between red diesel fuel and normal automotive 'white diesel'. This article demonstrates the clear difference between the two types of diesel that are widely used throughout the UK.

Both red and white diesel are identical in terms of chemical constituents, however red diesel is so called as a red dye has been added, a visible difference can be envisaged separating the two. As red diesel avoids taxation the addition of the red dye makes viewing easy for the authorities such as police and VOSA .

Red diesel is also a lot cheaper to purchase than normal white diesel due to the levy in tax on white diesel.

Red diesel is also known throughout the UK as heating oil, gas oil, generator fuel and medium diesel. On a casual basis between individuals its also known as cherry diesel, 35 seconds and digger fuel.

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