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What is Kerosene?

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What is Kerosene?

A relatively light fuel, Kerosene is a colourless combustible hydrocarbon liquid, which is sometimes called kerosine or referred to as paraffin, which is a premium form of kerosene. Kerosene is a versatile fuel and can be used for heating, light and most commonly powering rocket or jet propelled engines. It can also be used in home heating and central heating systems.

The film Gangs of New York features a number of fires that swept through the burgeoning city, many of which kerosene was responsible for. In fact in 1880, defective kerosene lamps caused two of every five fires in New York.

Kerosene remains the fuel of choice to power cooking stoves in many countries. For example, in India, deprived communities use kerosene to cook with and in order to keep the price low, the Indian Government subsidises kerosene prices. The difference between kerosene and other products made from crude oil is their boiling point. An oil refinery will distil the crude oil by heating it and then extracting the kerosene when it reaches a specific temperature.

Where to Buy Kerosene

Kerosene can be bought from hardware stores in blue containers, however premium kerosene is best purchased from official kerosene suppliers, who use tankers to transport it. Kerosene prices in the UK fluctuate and depending on which kerosene supplier you buy from, can range from 0.58p to 0.65p per litre.

Kerosene Price Fluctuations

As a commodity, Kerosene is subject to changes and fluctuations in its price. This is because, like most fuels, its is based on the cost of a barrel of oil and so depending on when suppliers purchased their kerosene, and how much they ordered, their price will change. Therefore, it pays to shop around and find the best price on kerosene each time you need place an order.

Therefore, we would always advise you to shop around and get the best quote for kerosene as well as any fuel oil you need to purchase. Find a Fuel Supplier empowers suppliers of kerosene to change their prices on a daily basis, which means we will always have the most competitive prices of kerosene in your area. Whenever you need to buy kerosene, check the site and we will guarantee you will get the cheapest price.

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