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What is Irish Moss Peat?

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What is Irish Moss Peat?

Irish moss peat is one of the most common varieties of peat briquettes. Irish moss is farmed and then compacted and compressed into solid blocks of fuel. This fuel burns over an extended period of time and are a fantastic source of heat for both in door and outdoor fires. They are also regularly used as a fuel for barbeques or heat for outdoor fires, such as campfires.

Peat, or turf, is produced when vegetation, generally plant material in marshy areas, begins to decay. Peatlands are prevalent in parts of Scotland and Ireland as the wet conditions and open vegetations combine to make perfect breeding grounds. When peat is gathered, it is put under pressure to force water out, before being dried and set as blocks, which are then ready to use as fuel.

They are commonplace in many parts of Scotland and Ireland because they burn for an extended period of time with a bright flame and low smoke and sulphur emissions.

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