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What is Boiler Juice?

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What is Boiler Juice?

Fuel, like many other commodities, has a variety of names for its different types. Boiler juice is a different name for a number of fuels such as: heating oil, medium diesel, red diesel and generator fuel. Boiler juice prices tend to vary because of the economic climate and the time of year. The supplier that you decide to use also plays a huge role in the price paid for boiler juice.

Boiler juice can sometimes be referring to heating oil, commonly used in the home. The burning characteristic of heating oil makes it a very good choice for domestic heating appliances and is often recommended for the purpose.

Heating oil is also used in other ways such as steam generation and electric power generation. As suggested earlier, other names for boiler juice include medium diesel, red diesel, gas oil and generator fuel. The use of six different names for the same product can sometimes be extremely confusing but the name of the fuel is often determined by what it is going to be used for.

Red diesel or boiler juice differs from white diesel because of the use of a red dye that is placed into it to differentiate the two. The reason for this is because red diesel avoids taxation because of the addition of the dye. Heating oil differs from red diesel in the colouring of it which is usually a yellow while red diesel as a result of the dye is of course red.

The process of getting heating oil is also different in that it is made from 40 distilled litres of a 159 litre barrel of crude oil. Both are categorised as boiler juice, with red diesel carrying a number of names and uses, which are then associated with boiler juice.

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