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What is Adblue | Adblue in Euro 4 and Euro 5 Vehicles

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What is Adblue?

Adblue is typically a solution of urea suspended in demineralised water and is often misinterpreted as an fuel additive rather than an exhaust treatment chemical which it is. Typically used in Euro engines such as Euro4 and Euro 5, Adblue is regarded as the key ingredient for the engines functionality, without it the engine will fail to function. When applied to a vehicle, Adblue is stored within a tank separate from the fuel tank and is sprayed in small doses onto the gases emitted from the exhaust. Therefore, Adblue is never in contact with the fuel it just treats the chemicals from the exhaust.

How Adblue Works

Adblue is usually suspended in a tank which is attached to the vehicle. When the exhaust is ignited the adblue is sprayed on to the exhaust manifold. At this point the urea solution catabolises into ammonia reacting with the exhaust gases aided by a catalytic convertor. During the combustion process, as a bi-product, oxides of nitrogen are produced and converted into elementary nitrogen and water. This method is known as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

How Will Adblue Affect Your Business

Since October 2006 all types of trucks and buses that are manufactured will need to be registered as Euro4 compliant with most of them requiring the use of Adblue. For older model trucks, lorries and buses it may not be possible to attach or integrate Adblue equipment therefore they are not required to comply with or affected by this legislation.

How Much Adblue Will My Business Need

Depending on the size of the Adblue tanks installed, either 70 or 90 litres, most tanks will need filling up every seven to ten days. For businesses that have a fleet of 6 Euro 4 vehicles it is estimated that 1,000 litres will cover the monthly requirement. Euro 4 vehicles typically consume about 3-5% of diesel use, as a rough guide a typical truck uses between 1500-2500 litres of AdBlue per year, however this depends on both engine size and mileage.

Each truck is estimated to consume around 30-40 litres per week. Euro 5 engines typically consume more AdBlue than a Euro 4 truck with an rate of 5-6% of diesel. Yet again this is influenced by factors such as driving, load and road conditions.

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