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What are Peat Briquettes?

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What are Peat Briquettes?

Peat briquettes are a fantastic natural fuel generally used to start and maintain a controlled fire. They are made from natural materials moulded into solid brick form and are ideal for use in domestic fires, as part of a barbeque as well as in more professional black boilers.

Peat briquettes are an extremely popular fuel throughout Ireland and Scotland and for many reasons. When lit, they emit surprisingly low amounts of smoke as well as low sulphur and ash content. Added to this, they burn slowly, giving off heat over an extended period of time while maintaining a bright flame, making them ideal for indoor use.

If bought from sustainable suppliers, they can be regarded as an environmentally friendly source of energy.

Irish Peat Briquettes

Irish peat briquettes, often call peat bricks, are clean and easy to handle and in some cases can feel like a sturdy block of wood! As its name might suggest, they are manufactured in Ireland on a mass-scale. They are dug up from controlled peat bogs across the country and are known for the quality of light and long-lasting heat.

Irish Moss Peat Briquettes

This type of brick is a hybrid of soil and peat and are chiefly used in pot plants and gardening - although they can also be used in fires. The bricks burn well and are both clean and generally produce a bright, attractive flame.

Prices of Peat Briquettes

Peat briquette suppliers can be found throughout the UK and Ireland and exist both on a wider production scale as well as in semi-professional status on some regional farms. Because of their production methods, the amount they produce and their demand in the local area, peat briquette prices change from supplier to supplier.

Therefore, we recommend that you shop around to find your cheapest supplier of peat briquettes. is an independent website that is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date prices of peat briquettes in the UK and Ireland.

We work with suppliers up and down the country and enable them to update their prices on a daily basis, ensuring that you always pay the cheapest prices for your fuel.

Author: David Khan

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