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What Are Fuel Oils | Information On The Uses of Fuel Oils

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What Are Fuel Oils?

Obtained from petroleum distillation fuel oils can be classified into a range of liquids. Across the UK there are several types of fuels oils consumers purchase, for a number of different uses, for example kerosene, heating oil and red diesel. Separated and produced by a number of refining processes fuel oils are classified as a low viscous liquid and sediment free, relieving them from impurities. Deemed less volatile than other products such as gasoline they are ideal for both industrial and domestic purposes.

Red Diesel

Commonly used in agriculture to power machinery such as tractors and combine harvesters red diesel is not subject to taxation making it relatively cheap to purchase. Red diesel is so called because a red dye has been added to distinguish between red and white diesel which has a tax levied upon it, making it sufficient for road use.


Kerosene is used widely in both commercial and residential premises as a source of heating. Other uses of this type of fuel are lighting, cooking, transportation and in aviation its used to power jet engines. In lighting kerosene is used in both lanterns and lamps. As a cooking fuel, kerosene is used widely outdoors and is very popular amongst individuals and groups who enjoy camping and mountaineering. In commercial and entertainment sectors kerosene is used in fire breathing. activities.

Heating Oil

Heating oil is typically used to act as a heat source for many home and business premises. It is also used in a number of other industries as a fuel heat source. Heating oil is often regarded as one of the most important fuel oils as it powers furnaces and boilers which provide heat to buildings. As well as this the burning properties and characteristics are 'on point' making them popular for domestic heating appliances.

Other uses of fuel oils are electric power and industrial steam generation. They are also used in insecticide sprays, greases, lubricants and adhesives.

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