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The Uses of Gas Oil

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The Uses of Gas Oil

Gas oil, which is sometimes known as white diesel, has a number of different uses. White diesel should not be confused with the virtually identical red diesel which has a red dye added to it so that it can be distinguished and effectively avoid taxation. The reason for the taxation on white diesel or gas oil is because of its use as an automotive fuel in diesel engines. Let's look at the uses of gas oil in more detail.

Gas Oil in Transportation

Transportation in the UK as well as around the world have for many years used either diesel or petrol to fuel their vehicles. Over the years the automotive industry has had to fall in line to legislation which limits their ability to create diesel run vehicles. However public transports like buses are usually still seen to use white diesel or gas oil as their main fuel source.

Gas Oil in Industry

In the logistics industry, gas oil is used as the primary source of fuel for the fleets of vehicles that they operate.

Gas Oil Vs Red Diesel

Although red diesel avoids taxation, there are restrictions on distance travelled using red diesel on public roads. There are also penalties for using the wrong diesel and laws which prohibit vehicles using separate tanks for the two types of fuel. Gas oil has been made easier to use for long distance travel and transportation which is why it is used in the logistics and transport industries. The use of gas oil over petrol is down to the fuel supplier being able to find the right price for the needs of the business.

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