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Peat Briquettes and their uses

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Peat Briquettes and their uses

Peat briquettes are a surprisingly common form of heating in the UK and Ireland. Made primarily from the peat bogs of Ireland and Scotland, they are an economical form of heating for the home because they burn slowly, give off little smoke and produce tremendous heat.

Peat briquettes can be used in outdoor fires, such as barbeques or chimineas and also safely in indoor fires, which is where they're most commonly found. Their low sulphur content, as well as low levels of ash, make these a wonderful fuel to heat your home.The peat bricks are built up like a wall and lit, where they will burn slowly and efficiently through the evening and long into the night. In some instances, the heat can be channelled and used to heat water tanks.

Sold by weight and often in pallets, peat briquettes prices vary from supplier to supplier. Find a Fuel Supplier lists the UK's leading suppliers of peat briquettes and their latest prices.

Author: David Khan

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