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Paraffin and Its Uses | Latest Information on Paraffin

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Paraffin and Its Uses

There are many uses of paraffin in its various forms. Paraffin is commonly used as a heating oil for domestic heating in central heating systems. It is also a fuel source for portable cookers for use in outdoor activities such as mountaineering or camping. Paraffin is also used as a fuel for rockets and jet engines as well as being a component of fuel for tractors.

Paraffin in liquid form is used as a lubricant to reduce friction in in the industrial and textile industry. For example, liquid paraffin is used to lubricate machinery that mixes substances mechanically and it can also be found in sewing machines.  Liquid paraffin can be used in lamps as a fuel and is ideal as it does not have an odour, unlike kerosene that hasn’t been refined. It can also be used medically as a laxative as well as for cosmetic purposes in make-up products as well as in moisturisers to treat skin conditions like eczema. Some pesticides and insecticides also use liquid paraffin.

Paraffin in solid form is called paraffin wax. It is widely used as a candle to give off light. Paraffin wax is also used as a waxed coating for papers for items such as baking paper in addition to being a covering material for certain cheeses like Edam. Furthermore, paraffin wax can be used to seal containers such as bottles and jars to preserve food and drink. Paraffin wax is used in glidewax and surfwax to reduce the friction of skis/snowboards and surfboards respectively for a better skiing/snowboarding or surfing experience. Paraffin wax can also be used in drywall as a way to store heat in homes. 

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