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Lubricants and Its Uses

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Lubricants and Its Uses

Lubricants are used in vast quantities around the globe with its primary function to reduce resistance between both moving parts and surfaces. Reducing this resistance keeps the operations, for example machinery parts, running smoothly in terms of both functionality and maintenance. Without it a lot of machines wouldn't function correctly or not at all.

Lubricants in reference to their characteristic traits help to reduce, if not prevent, the amount of corrosion received, remain highly tolerant towards both extreme heat or freezing temperatures and provide high levels of protection towards objects that are exposed to oxidation.

A typical example of a lubricant that is used widely around the world is motor oil. Motor oil is used both in engines of cars, especially in the UK and in many types of machinery. It is used to preserve both the quality and longevity of the product as well as its functionality, minimising wear and tear.

The types of lubricants that can be sourced come either as liquid or solid. The composition of liquid lubricant makeup is 90% oil base of which many different types of liquids make up to this 90%. This type of liquid makeup reduces the risk from corrosion, wear and tear and contamination.

Non liquid lubricants come in the form of a solid or a grease and are typically used in many trades, i.e plumbing or professions.

Like many other substances, lubricants requires the use of monitoring (both temperature and air conditions) and careful handling as a way to avoid contamination. If they are stored correctly and treated correctly then the lifespan is increased vastly.

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