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The Laws on Red Diesel | Information and Guidance

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Laws on Red Diesel

Across the UK it is widely known by motorists that the use of red diesel fuel in road vehicles is not permitted. Many law enforcement agencies are well aware that with economic pressures and the extortionate prices of typical white diesel many motorists may be tempted to purchase the less costly, tax free, red diesel. As a deterrent police forces around the UK have equipment onboard such as red dye indicators which can quickly detect the use of red diesel in vehicles.

If a vehicle is found breaking the law it will be seized and the owner of the vehicle will be prosecuted for evading taxes. Where the law is less clear is when certain vehicles are exempt from the law and can operate on the UK roads. For example, light agricultural vehicles and tractors are permitted to work on the roads when they are used for both agricultural, horticultural and forestry purposes. Also, snow vehicles and gritters use red diesel, their purpose is to clear snow and ice from the public roads.

If you require more information on laws on red diesel feel free to call your local red diesel supplier and they will understand and explain your needs. To find your local red diesel supplier you can visit our page red diesel suppliers, alternatively if you want you can view the latest red diesel prices.

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