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Irish Moss Peat and Its Uses

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Irish Moss Peat and Its Uses

Irish moss peat is a popular and cost effective material, used primarily in gardening and the horticultural industry. Here, we'll take a closer look at what Irish moss peat is and also the uses of Irish moss peat.

Irish moss peat is a natural product and is widely used by gardeners to aid and promote plant growth. A product of decomposing mosses from the bogs of Ireland, Irish moss peat is a wonderful, rich source of food for plants. This is because of its ability to retain water, which it does when both dead and alive.

Irish moss peat is favoured by many gardeners over compost and soils, and can be used in pot plants, as well as a base for borders. It is also used as a mulch, to aid lawn conditions, its growth and will improve the structure of all soil types.

Sphagnum is a type of peat moss and is prevelant in the water drenched bogs of Ireland and it's this variety that mostly makes up the Irish moss peat on sale in the UK. Irish moss peat prices in the UK vary from supplier to supplier and so it pays to shop around in order to make sure that you're not paying too much. The quickest way of doing this is to use Find a Fuel Supplier to locate the cheapest Irish moss peat suppliers in your area. Simply select Irish moss peat from the fuel dropdown, enter your postcode and the amount you require and we'll present you with your cheapest supplier.

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