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Heating Oil Prices

Find a Fuel Supplier independently provides its users with the most up-to-date heating oil prices from the widest range of UK heating oil suppliers. With no affiliation or ties with any heating oil supplier, we represent the most impartial way to find your cheapest heating oil prices for your premises in the UK.

We provide all the heating oil suppliers we work with the opportunity to update their heating oil prices on a daily basis and through our local and national listings, give users the ability to effortlessly compare home heating oil prices. This ensures that the cheapest heating oil prices are available on demand to all consumers all of the time who use the Find a Fuel Supplier website.

If you are not aware Heating Oil is a commodity product which is subject to fluctuations in price due to supply and demand as well as seasonal factors. There can be significant price differences between heating oil suppliers on a number of grounds because of these external factors. Read below...

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Company Location Litres Price Call
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Find a Fuel Supplier provides a definitive list of fuel articles, how-to's and answers to all questions and issues fuel-related. We try to keep this part of the website as up-to-date as possible. If there is something that is'nt in the list and you would like it to be added please feel free to email....


Why You Should Compare Heating Oil Prices

There are three main reasons why all people searching for heating oil should compare prices between both local and National suppliers. These reasons include:


It’s a Competitive Marketplace for Heating Oil Suppliers

Unlike other fuels in certain countries where the cost of the fuel is ‘set’ by the state, the retail cost of heating oil in the UK is determined by a combination of factors including activity on the wholesale market, local competition, customer location, and even the weather (which impacts upon delivery). And where there is competition, there are price differences as one heating oil supplier seeks to undercut rivals and secure their market share.


Seasonality Influences Heating Oil Prices

Heating oil prices typically go up in the winter when consumption increases and there is upward pressure on supplies. During the summer months, the oil burn is significantly reduced, and lower consumption leads to reduced heating oil demand. Therefore when the demand drops, the heating oil prices drop too.


Avoid Complacency

We all know the benefits of shopping around when it comes to renewing car insurance or booking summer holidays – ordering your fuel oil should be no different. It is easy to stick with the same old heating oil supplier year-in year-out but you could be losing hundreds of pounds in unnecessary costs. It used to be a hassle to email/telephone different suppliers, but Find A Fuel Supplier’s price comparison engine makes research a breeze!


About Find a Fuel Supplier

Find a Fuel Supplier is an independent price comparison site for fuel products. We are tapped into a wide network of local, regional, and national fuel suppliers and look to provide customers with the most competitive heating oil prices in the country.


As an independent company that provides information, and which does not sell heating oil, we are well placed to help save you money.


Heating Oil Suppliers

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