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Fuel Tanker Strike Update - Important Notices

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Fuel Tanker Strike Update - Important Notices

With constant battling over the fuel tanker strike it finally seems like a deal has been finalised after Unite union agreed to put a deal to its haulage members. After several weeks of government heartache which witnessed panic buying across the country the threat of a fuel tanker strike looks to have been averted, with hauliers voting 51 per cent in favour of terminating the dispute.

Even though the deal is still likely to go through it was only four out of seven firms that were involved in the strike that agreed to end the dispute. The other three companies who refused to agree were battling for better safety accreditation standards and better training across the industry.

Panic buying of fuel caused roads to become blocked and subsequent long queues at garages. In preparation for the strike 'around 1,400 military drivers were trained up to deal with fuel deliveries to forecourts to prevent the nation from crashing. Unite Union agreed that a fuel strike would have massive implications on the UK economy, not only would it disrupt hardworking lives of millions of motorists throughout the UK, it would also put unnecessary and unwanted pressures on the essential and emergency services.

The president of the AA announced that UK motorists massively appreciate the decision made by tanker drivers and thank them for not creating another scenario of panic buying that has been witnessed recently. He went on to say that the speculation of a strike caused massive amounts of disruption, at least this is over, for now, businesses can continue to focus on driving the economy forward and help create jobs.

The Unite assistant general secretary Diana Holland said that the slight leniency of votes has swayed the threat away from a fuel strike. However, this is not to be undermined and leaves the company with no room for complacency but to sign a deal as quickly as possible. This slight discrepancies in the voting system should be alarming as it shows the industry is harboured and ridicule with massive problems. Many people are asking for the government ministers and in particular the energy secretary to adopt a more constructive approach to the industry bringing more stability and security.

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