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Fuel Oils and Its Uses

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Fuel Oils and Its Uses

Globally there are many uses of fuel oils covering a number of sectors in commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic properties. As fuel oils are less volatile than other products, such as gasoline, they are harnessed in a variety of different processes as they are deemed safer and more economically friendly.

Fuel oils cover anything from kerosene and heating oil to red diesel. Throughout the years kerosene has been used widely as a source of lighting in lamps for street lighting and lanterns. Typically in these modern times kerosene is used as a cooking source during camping, mountaineering and in less developed countries . Kerosene is also used in both entertainment and in insecticide sprays. Many buildings throughout the world have either a furnace or a boiler installed which is used to heat the premises. Typically this fuel is known as heating oil or boiler juice. The reason the fuel oil heating oil is used is its characteristic properties are ideal for domestic appliances.

Are Residual Fuel Oils still used?

Residual fuel oils are still used around the world in activities such as large power plants and large vessels, however its use as a heating source in home heating systems, road vehicles, boats or small ships has now become redundant.

The constituents and characteristics of residual fuel oils make them less suitable for many activities as they contain high concentrations of pollutants. They are still used however as they are considered one of the cheapest fuels still available to purchase.

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