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Boiler Juice and Its Uses

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Boiler Juice and Its Uses

Boiler juice is a name that is utilised to describe a number of fuels usually in reference to their use as fuel for boilers, hence the name.

Home Heating Oil

Boiler juice can include heating oil which is commonly used to heat homes. The fuel is used in a number of ways which include using it for heating boilers, fuel for furnaces in central heating and hot water systems.

It is estimated that 1.5 million homes in the UK use heating oil such as kerosene for heating their homes. Red diesel is another fuel that is referred to as boiler juice. Suppliers of red diesel will typically fill a heating oil storage tank next to a premises or residence. The fuel is then used to heat a particular space or room using furnaces or burners.

Construction, Agriculture and Commercial

Other than being used as a way to heat homes and other premises, boiler juice is also known to be able to be used for other purposes including some in both agriculture and construction. In construction, boiler juice such as red diesel is used to power essential electronic equipment. This would be powerful pieces of machinery like cranes, bulldozers and bobcats as well as generators.

While in the agriculture sector boiler juice is used in a similar way to power tractors and combine harvesters as farmers look to take advantage of low cost alternative fuel sources. Commercial organisations such as carnivals have been known to utilise the fuel for generators. Most interesting of all is the use of it in jet powered fuel engines. Boiler juice is a versatile fuel that can be used in a number of ways.

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