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AdBlue and its uses

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AdBlue and its uses

AdBlue is actually a trademark held by the German Association of the Automobile Industry, which is used as a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to lower nitrogen oxides, produced during diesel engine combustion. The German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA) ensures a level of quality is maintained in Adblue, which makes it a popular choice in the UK.

Pure AdBlue is a colourless synthetic solution made from deminseralised water and Urea, an organic compound. The key thing about AdBlue is that it's completely pure, both during production and distribution until it's delivered to the vehicle's AdBlue tank and ultimately the exhaust injection system.

If the purity of AdBlue isn't maintained during this journey to the vehicle, there is a high risk that the vehicle's emissions-reducing equipment may be damaged because the SCR system isn't working correctly. And this is the primary use of AdBlue - to turn toxic exhaust gases into nitrogen and steam, both of which are harmless. 

AdBlue should be used to maintain a commercial vehicle's safety levels, such as buses, trucks and lorries, ensuring that they remain environmentally friendly. If AdBlue isn't used and your vehicle fails its emissions test, it will be removed from the road until it passes. Another benefit of AdBlue is that it can help reduce fuel costs by reducing fuel consumption.

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